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1 . video tutorial

Take a look at our video tutorials to get an istant idea about all what is possible to do with BotaniMatik. Learn how to install it in a 3 minutes procedure, also get advice and useful tricks about BotaniMatik usage.



Replace Timers, Hygro-Thermometers and Thermostats with one Device.

With BotaniMatik the grower's life becomes easier:

Get ready to Rest!

2 . data transmission

BotaniMatik Cloud Server

BotaniMatik Cloud Server

BotaniMatik Cloud Server works as a hub for the real-time data flow, keeping your data safely for up to one week in the past.

At Work 24/7

The BotaniMatik device installed in your growroom sends climate data to the server, and receives information to decide what to do.

Secure SSL Data Encryption

Send your data through a safe encrypted channels, each step of the connection is protected from intrusions.

Thanks to the BotaniMatik Cloud Server all data are always available

to check and compare on simple Graph charts.

With SSL Encryption and Anonymous IP policy.

3 . CO2 management

CO2 Management logic

One of the most important BotaniMatik feature is with no doubt the CO2 Management Software, that activates only if the exhaust fans are turned off. Otherwise the exhaust fans would suck out immediately all the CO2 just pumped into the growroom. BotaniMatik mission is to monitor the climate values untill it finds the right moment to activate the CO2 cycle, which is when the current temperature drops below the ideal temperature level. In this way the temperature acts as a trigger for CO2 activation and deactivation, since the difference between the maximum and the ideal temperature represents the time window during which CO2 gets injected into the growroom.

Meet Sesto Senso, it helps you to find your ideal settings

to reduce the standby period and to maximise the CO2 injection time

increasing the yield of your growroom to up to 20%

4 . Online Monitor Virtual Tour

Online Monitor Virtual Tour

Start the Tour here!

Control Panel Desktop Control Panel Desktop Control Panel  Irrigation Assistant
Control Panel mobile Daily Reports and Alert Notifications Your settings
Graphics Graphics Lamp timer function

Thanks to the Online Monitor you have a Real Time Data Flow

to have everything under control. Even though there is no need

From now on BotaniMatik will take care of it.

5 . feature list

Real-Time Data Flow with Graphics
Real-Time Data Flow with Graphics

Keep the climateof your growroom constantly under control, everywhere you are, thanksto the web online monitor and BotaniMatik real time data flow, with its analysis functions:

  • Real-Time Monitor of Climate Values
  • Real-Time Monitor of Device Status
  • Data Analysis through simple Graphics
Device Management
Device Management

Thanks to its wireless sockets, your BotaniMatik module is able to manage climate and irrigation conditions acting accordingly to your instructions. It can manage the following devices:

  • LAMP
Daily Reports and Alert Notifications
Daily Reports and Alert Notifications

Thanks to BotaniMatik report service you can be constantly updated about climate conditions. You can set one ot the following services:

  • DAILY REPORTS – is an email notification that is sent once per day with a brief analysis of your climate data
  • ALERT NOTIFICATIONS – when the current climate values excees your alert tresholds you get notified immediately
  • SESTO SENSO – you can receive Sesto Senso's daily reports, which give you precious advice about optimization of your growroom settings
Modular System – 100% Scalable
Modular System – 100% Scalable

A single BotaniMatik unit is able to manage an unlimited number of wireless sockets contemporarerly. This features makes it ideal for both small and large grow locations. You can compose your BotaniMatik set tailoring it on your growroom.

Security with SSL Encryption
Security with SSL Encryption

Your data travel intside secured HHTPS encrypted channel, protected by a strong RSA-256 protocol with a 2048 bit key. Nobody can sniff your data or know what you are doing. We also enforced custom-made filters on our servers in order to hide your IP address, even from us, giving you total safety. No matter what.

Stop Button
Stop Button

In case of emergency you can turn off all the wireless sockets connected to your BotaniMatik with a simple click on your smartphone or computer. In maximum 60 second BotaniMatik will execute your instructions and turn everyting off. You can always reactivate everythig through the same button.

Off-Line Function
Off-Line Function

If the WiFi connections goes down, your BotaniMatik will keep perfectly operations, keeping in memory the your most recent settings. If the power goes out, and when it comes back, for some obscure reason your wifi does not reactivate properly, BotaniMatik, after 5 minutes will activate itself in Off-Line Mode and keeps the growroom running with factory settings. As soon as the WiFi line comes back, your BotaniMatik will fetch data from the server and will go back to Online Mode.

Easy 3 – Step Installation
Easy 3 – Step Installation

Very simple to install, it takes 3 simple step that will take about 5 minutes:

  • Make a new account on using your BotaniMatik Code that you can find on the back of your product.
  • Connect all your electrical equipment to the Wireless Sockets of your BotaniMatik
  • Place your BotaniMatik inside your growroom, connect it to the electrical line and open the WiFi Manager Function.
Timer Function
Timer Function

You have never tried an easier timer to set in your life! Thanks to the timer function you can quickly set your light cycle and switch from vegetative to flowering while you sit on your sofa. Stop digging into the dust every two months!

Sesto Senso Logical AI Module
Sesto Senso Logical AI Module

Meet our AI Logical Module, named Sesto Senso. It learns about your growroom usual conditions and decides indipendently to notify you if it feels that something is not right. For example, if may give you adive on how you can manage the temperature and humidity settings of your BotaniMatik.

State-of-the-art Sensors
State-of-the-art Sensors

Start working with serious sensors. All BotaniMatik components are far superior than the ones contained in standard consumer products such as thermo hygrometers. Moverover our sensors are run by a custom made auto compensation and auto calibration software with double reading.

  • Temperature Sensor – Digital – Accuracy: 0,1 C°
  • Air Humidity Sensor – Capacitative – Accuracy: 0,1 %
  • CO2 Sensor – IR radiations – Accuracy: 1ppm
  • Light Sensor – Analog – Accuracy: 1 %
  • Soil Moisture Sensor – Analog – Accuracy: 1%