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General conditions

According to Italian Dlgs 196/03, the collection and processing of personal data have the only purpose of allowing the execution of the telematic service that is the object of the activity of this site

Changes to this document

Any changes to this document will be promptly communicated to the Customer via the provided email address.

Service Providers

BOTANIMATIK relies on trird party companies for some telematic services such as providing telephone lines, servers and security, and security services from computer attacks. These companies, have been mandated by BOTANIMATIK to operate and have access to the personal data of customers, limited to the mandate provided by BOTANIMATIK. The BOTANIMATIK site uses the Delivery Service Network (CDN).

Collection of personal data

Customer's personal data (email address) is collected when a new account is registered.

Collection of environmental data

By using the BOTAINMATIK service, the Customer consent to the collection of registered environmental data and their storage for a maximum of one week.


Customer's personal data security is a top priority for us, we implement the strongest encryption products, and our alert systems are state-of-the-art. However, there are no methods of data transmission over the public network, either telematic or public, which is 100% secure. Therefore, BOTAINMATIK is not responsible for any potential damages caused by theft of personal information.


The BOTAINMATIK site does not install either own or third-party profiling cookies, or Google Analytics cookies. This site installs 1 cookie to allow anonymization of the customer's IP address. The service installs 4 technical cookies to ensure the integrity of the encrypted SSL channel and increase the security of communication. In no case, no profiling cookies are installed and no profiling activities are executed.

Proprietor and responsible for the processing of personal data is: BOTANICAURBANA by Alberto Carenini - P.IVA 07096620963 - Registered office: Via Capranica, 10 – Milan, Italy

Request for cancellation of personal data:

The request for cancellation of their data can be forwarded to: URBAN BOTANIA Via Egidio Folli, 6 - 20134 -Milan, Italy –